Nicolette Rumph

Founder and CEO of Pink Petal Organics 

The  Millennial  Woman


Meet the creative mind behind it all, Miss Nicolette Rumph. Nicolette has always been extremely conscious about the products she uses on her 4C hair and because of her deep admiration for a healthy hair care regimen, she decided to start her own line of natural products. Ever since she fully transitioned from being relaxed to natural in 2014, it has been a very tough journey trying to find the perfect product even more than before she converted. With her knowledge and love for hair care, she hopes to help you find the perfect fit. 

Popular brands consumers are familiar with contain harmful ingredients that aren’t always advertised in the most transparent way, convincing users to believe in the false claims they have made. Nicolette intends to be completely transparent with her customers by informing them about the products and ingredients used. She hopes to inspire all of you in your journey to achieve your own personal hair goals. Whether you are transitioning, a newly natural, or have been apart of the natural hair community for years now, her purpose is to assist you in this process. So trust Pink Petal Organics to help you enhance the true beauty of your curls.

To encourage individuals with natural hair to acknowledge their inner and outermost beauty, by helping both women and men to embrace their true texture despite socially constructed norms. Pink Petal Organics values the importance of health, empowerment, and self-love.

With these three principles in mind, we will continuously aim to produce high quality products for our customers to use throughout their natural hair journey. 

We promise to aid with the sustainability of healthy hair and be an advocate for enriching our community by utilizing organic ingredients in every product formulated specifically for you.


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